the mission


Our Mission:

To drive around the country looking for ourselves.

To be guided by our inner GPS, especially when it says, “recalculating.”

To be our own boss and sleep with ourselves until we get to the top.

To stop spending moments like pesos. Unless we’re in Mexico. In which case, we’ll have other problems.

To destroy the “false being within,” minus the part where we hitchhike to Alaska and starve to death.

To stop trying so hard to know the unknown.

To know the unknown.

To unknow the known.

To decide what we want to be, before we decide if we can be it.

To build our own socio-economic ladder using Willy Wonka’s magic glass elevator.

To experience Perez Hilton withdrawal with great joy.

To be genius.

To stop paving paradise and putting up parking lots, unless we own the parking lots, thereby affording us passive income, which will eventually enable us to buy our way back into paradise, albeit, a partially paved paradise.

To have more missions and less statements. Unless the statement is about more missions.


2 responses to “the mission

  1. jason the best buy camera guy

    guys. you left me a name and a webaddress. here’s m y two cents.

    coming from the east coast , recently relocated. i say see NH/VT if possible. the fall folliage is to die for.

    see key west florida, duval st, and the sunset pier locals. white sands NM at sunset is a trip, SF cali, walking Haight/Ashbury will get you pyshed in the right tune. rte 101 in cali north/south from the redwoods of north cali /oregon to santa barbara will give you a pacific sea rift, tijuana and mexicali will set you right going too far south. northern VT, burlington off of 89 north will get you off on music and the locals. general premise. go with your hearts and you’ll find like Kerouac the way to the here and now. enjoy. hope you come in and chat and get a camera from me. best luck, hopes and wishes on your journey

  2. Absolutely AMAZING.

    I just talked to Justice and asked him for an update on you … and I am FLOORED. You guys are doing something MOST OF US THINK IS IMPOSSIBLE because we are so wrapped up in our lives. I can’t wait to come back to this site and read more… I’m almost in tears.

    Try and see New England! Providence is my home… it’s GORGEOUS!

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