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good girl. [ryan]



good girl.
by ryan matsumoto

the feeling of friday has fallen.
now mondays are fridays are sundays are everydays.
mornings are middle of the nights are stage 4 r.e.m. sleep cycles are nows.
I can feel my face against mars.
My flesh is dripping into the reversal of the big bang.
The universe is inhaling me.
back to before.
before before.
now ghandi is alive and has hair.
hold me in bitch, hold me in.
an asteroid belt becomes one.
now cleopatra has supple breasts.
The universe keeps sucking.
Jesus is descending.
stars jump like paint splotches back to the brush.
Jesus is alive.
Jesus is dead.
Jesus is alive again.
Jesus is unborn.
Mary cheats on Joseph.
a wormhole fills.
a slinky climbs upstairs.
you shut your mouth universe.
don’t do it.
cavemen are lifting petroglyphs off walls with rocks that used to be part of the wall of china.
you fucking shut it.
mitosis changes its mind.
don’t fucking exhale.
nothingness curls into fetal.
everything is hole.
hold it.
let there be dark.
good girl.