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road trip hair. [ryan]

wednesday. 11.07.07.


ha. it’s 7:07 on 07.07. cool.


I have to wait before I start writing because it’s still not 7:08, oh there we go.


day 7. maryland. decide I must pay homage to my road trip hair with a montage. photo blogtage? road trip hair haiku?

road trip hair is the perfect way to measure my freedom. watching my road trip hair grow wildly will inspire me to become less gelled. must learn from road trip hair. I love you road trip hair. marry me and let’s make little unkempt twin road trip hairballs which we will call hairball 1 and joel respectively.

reasons i love road trip hair more than jenn:

1. road trip hair never tells me how to drive, especially when i’m driving.
2. road trip hair is not afraid to stand and be seen with me in public.
3. road trip hair changes to match my inner crazies.
4. road trip hair has never cooked me vegan sausage and laughed at my reaction.
5. road trip hair at least looks interested in existentialism.

reasons i love jenn more than road trip hair:

1. um. let’s see. ahhhh. hmph.
2. ooh, jenn has nicer boobs than road trip hair.
3. jenn never splits her ends.
4. jenn is not afraid of being died.
5. jenn never falls out of my head.

i love you road trip hair.
i love you jenn.


may both of you never stop growing until you cover my face.