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jenn hee hits the road with that asian guy (jenn)


hi friends!!!

who wants to buy me a macbook?

see–the problem with trying to do a joint writing project with your boyfriend on his laptop is that you have to use legal pads that, while vaguely romantic and retro-cool, slow me down when i’m trying to pen my life for the masses. also, i donated my laptop to an NGO for the futherment of gypsies in bulgaria. that’s something. therefore, i feel someone whose wallet runneth over should just buy me a macbook in exchange for my writing. i give, you give.

i also want a digital SLR.

and, um, a job?

hm. while i’m at it, clear skin, ani difranco’s canon, an IUD, and new climbing shoes.

actually, all i really need is a job, and then i suppose i could GET all of the above wish list items for myself. unfortunately all i really want to do is exactly what i’m doing, which is wander and write with my bitch mutt and ryan.

yesterday was super bonus awesome rad because i saw that jason genegabus blogged about us for the honolulu star bulletin! the timing couldn’t have been better, because we spent half the drive from cleveland to milwaukee brainstorming ways we could get people interested in our writing–one idea being that i write a column for the star bulletin. the other half of the drive we spent worrying if this road trip and blog are even the best ways to be directing our time, limited funds, and energy. fortunately, we love the whole process of this site–we love writing, love making you tube videos, and love taking 500 photos of the sky from inside the car. so you can imagine how fucking awesome it felt to have jason write that not only were we interesting, but that we could write too! yeaaaaa! it’s like we gave birth to a little baby and jason was the first person to say it was cute, as opposed to boring and nondescript. so thanks jason! may our baby reach puberty unscathed!


ryan may have his road trip hair, which is growing to einsteinian proportions, but i have my road trip mustache, which ryan insists is imaginary. still, i would really prefer a waxing. i actually never waxed my upper lip my entire life until i moved to bulgaria and some woman told me it was extremely ugly, my mustache. actually, she might have said, “you need to eat more cheese.” at any rate, i am easily traumatized by commentary on my physical imperfections and amnesiac when it comes to praise. i mold my self-image out of every shitty thing anyone (of the ex-boyfriend genre) has ever said to me.

“rugged arms.” – ex-high school boyfriend
“diagnosis man legs.” – ex-doctor boyfriend
“too much ass, your honor.”– hypothetical ex-lawyer boyfriend

i forget what i was saying.

oh yea–road trip mustache. so ever since bulgaria i’ve waxed la moustache (sounds sexier in french), which has always ended up with me getting a painful and unsightly scabby burn streaking across my upper lip because i have sensitive skin and use various medications. it makes no sense that i choose the scarface look over peach fuzz.

at least the burn says: i’m trying.

i like to use up my brain space on worthless things like road trip mustache to distract myself about things i ought to be worrying about, like impending poverty. or whatever.

(i have other stories involving bulgaria and waxings-gone-mortifying, but i am trying to keep this blog family-friendly.)

so far i love milwaukee. there is something charming about a city with a disproportionate amount of billboards advertising McRib sandwiches. or maybe it’s just that i love harmonie and chad, and so does ryan, who is not so secretly obsessed with them being awesome. for example, today harmonie scheduled us ayurvedic massages at the kanyakumari center where she works. ah yes, as hot oil was being rubbed into my head to the sounds of indian chanting, all i could think was, “i want to rough it until i die.”




I was fat elvis on pills [ryan]

milwaukee, harmonie and chad’s apartment


ryan’s eye, jenn, harmonie and chad (jenn’s peace corps friends).


left cleveland yesterday. it was emotional. got attached so fast. finally got to see what Cleveland was like from inside a motel all day. It was beautiful. there was a Mcdonalds nearby. lots o’ gas stations. other stuff. ahh, cleveland. we toured the whole inside of that Cleveland motel room like we were at the rock and roll hall of fame, which was actually right down the street. but who wants to travel hundreds of miles to a destination only to feel like what you really want is right down the street? rock and roll hall of fame, fsst. motel bed became graceland, and I was fat elvis on pills. right down the street became HBO, became reading more Chuck Palahniuck in my underwear, became spooning my dog just a hair shy of beastiality, became peanut butter sandwich dinner with chips from the vending machine.


who’d of thunk it? Cleveland? wow. It’s like. you get your own plastic key. there’s a tv. you get complimentary breakfast compliments of you paying for a room which is slightly more expensive in order to include complimentary breakfast. the shower head is powerful like anti-racism. You pelt your dirty head with a million man march and merge your body into everything that is quintessential Cleveland.

then we slept. Cleveland style. I don’t know what that means.

then we drove.



through Indiana, through Chicago.


20 minutes til Milwaukee. it’s been 7 hours of driving. I start to make that noise that your laptop does when you’ve been on it too long. I am ice cream running down your fingers faster than you can lick, I am neon sign flickering.

I am Scott Baio’s career, post Charles in Charge.

my heart is pumping sigur ros beats dipped in fudge, I am slowly becoming slowly.

and then it happened.
the mistake.
the mistake i swore i would never make.
I still replay this next scene in my head over and over again against my own will.


to be continued…