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God, I wish I was a chinese dragon [ryan]

[road trip launched: 11.01.07]
new hampshire.

some motel in cleveland.

maybe chicago tomorrow.

my bestest friends comment on chooseourownadventure.com:

Help us help you help yourselves:

let us know where you are by beginning each post with your location, then we can better choose your own adventures, you fucking fucks!!

Love you,
minja and kealoha

minja and kealoha

my comment to their comment:

first of all, howz you? secondly, ok fine, you’re right. that is the way we should do it. in fact, we started out that way. Then we realized that this so called road trip has quickly turned into we’re staying at Jenn’s cousins.

Jenn’s cousin steph and her husband tony [maryland]

it feels like there has hardly been any road to this trip. And really, in all honesty, the chooseourownadventure.com angle is just an excuse to share our twisted thoughts with friends and family and potential threesome lovers. we’re just trying to make our trip feel more dramatic, sheesh. I mean, one of my blogs was a movie review on apocolytpo. this is not your typical road trip blog. It’s more like, I’m jobless and homeless but I have a car trip. and while I roam around, pretending that having no where to go is an adventure, I’m going to write some stuff and share it, kind of thing. I don’t really need people to choose our own adventure, really, I mean, not geographically anyway, I just thought it’d be more fun to comment on our writings that way, since most people couldn’t care less about existentialism–especially my version of it. having said that, we would love people to give us any kind of comments–including geographical suggestions. It’s like how the chinese dragon at grad parties is not really there to dance for you, but he dances for you. He wants you to put it in his mouth. in his mother fucking mouth. I’m not here for anyone’s adventure choice, really. I’m here for the actual adventure. which is mostly in my head, mostly in friend’s living rooms.

I’m here for you to put it in my mouth. my mother fucking mouth. but I want more than cash, although cash is fine, I want your heart in my mouth friends. yes, I want your blood. I want your dreams inside my mindgina. deep inside. I want you to tell me everything, and so I’m telling you everything. The adventure is in our minds.

The adventure IS our minds.

However, even though I like the abstract idea that your life can be great whereever you go, so go whereever, in reality, it fucking matters where you go, so don’t go whereever. In reality, I’m choosing my own god damned adventure. and it probably won’t be in Detroit. I just wanted to play with my friends. you know, just play along assholes. pretend you’re choosing, but know that you are not choosing. I was kind of hoping that people would understand if I didn’t really teabag the lincoln memorial, in real life, even if that was their choice for my own adventure. Look, I do want people’s input: choices, suggestions, mp3s, cash, poems, quotes, pics, vids, other abbreviations, room, board, massages, books, movies, etc. sure. but I don’t expect them.

“It’s for fun”–Nacho Libre

The only reason why I ask for these things is that people seem to want to give them. and hey, no arguments here. We’ll take it. It’s like tipping. waiters get it, mailmen don’t. who knows why. it’s not really fair. I know this. I feel like a 3rd grader asking people to pay me for reading a bunch of books. it seems silly, but people pay! so if people want to give us anything, we won’t argue. comments, cash, whatever, we’ll take it. or not. whatever. but chooseourownadventure.com is just a metaphor. we’re still going to do our chinese dragon dance though. but unlike the dragon, we actually really just want to dance. what you put in our mouth is purely bonus! but having said all that, you are still right–we should always say where we are–even if it’s to uphold the veneer of a road trip!

bottomline: you helped me to further explain what is we’re doing–at least to myself!

so thank you minja and kealoha!
from cleveland,

still heading west, in general, but paradoxically with 2 tickets to amsterdam from philly [december 14th] in mind!

Ryan and Jenn

to all the choosers:
thank you for all your chooserosity. your cash. your comments. your support. your heart. your blood. your dreams in our mindginas. thank you. we need you. we need people to dance for. we need people to put it in our mouths. we have big mouths, so keep on putting!

love Ryan and Jenn

God, I wish I was a chinese dragon
by ryan matsumoto


God, I wish I was a chinese dragon
then I would make money for dancing.
but aw man, I would have to eat the money.
If only chinese dragons had paypal buttons.