10 responses to “choose!

  1. hey what else can we do now except
    roll down the window and let the wind blow
    back your hair
    well the night’s bustin open
    these two lanes will take us anywhere
    we’ve got one last chance to make it real
    to trade in these wings on some wheels
    climb in back
    heaven’s waiting down on the tracks

  2. zie owl farm in colorado ( if u kids happens to pass there ). oh, hope u don’t mind me sendin’ our dear eric freund ur blogs. He did the east-west trip 2 yrs ago, with georgie boy… u guys should write him, getting ideas and i’m pretty sure that he would LUV to hear about ur trip! so, what happend to that poor duck?

  3. Hey My BEAUTIFUL friends…
    Just want to leave some love…
    I’m catching up with my mail, and stuff…
    Glad I was able to send this comment!

    I hope u are doing good….
    I’m so proud of both of you…
    *fire up the sadness*
    and WALLA a SMILE will follow 🙂

    I love you BOTH
    *Marlo* ❤

  4. there is somewhere between california and the atlantic ocean that i want to see. i just can’t think of the name of it now. oooo. go there!

  5. UPyoursville, how about there you free-spirited happy about being unhappy open ended FREAKS observing nature in it’s natural state from state to state. Im coming with. Carry on and spew forth!!!

  6. Waaah, it’s 7 in zie fucking morning!!! we went back to that warehouse spot after work… wish u were here… it was truly a nice little treat tho… how’s montane treating u so far??

  7. Hey Ryan,

    i liked your thanksgiving song are you thinking about becoming a Professional singer lol if you have any more songs email me i could use a laugh.

  8. Go to Death Valley. Head East out of the park to Death Valley Junction. Take State Line Rd east into Nevada (becomes Ash Meadows Rd once you cross border). Take a left on a dirt road (also called Ash Meadows Rd). Drive about 5 miles and take a right on Devils Hole Rd -another dirt road. This takes you past Devils Hole – a bottomless hole in the ground filled with water that actually goes up and down with the ocean tides hundreds of miles away and a species of fish found nowhere else in the world.

    Continue on Devils Hole Rd until it merges with Bob Rudd Memorial Highway, also a dirt road. Follow the highway across the salt flats. There are some forks in the road, but they all fork off to the left. (Fork off? Fork you too!) Go straight ahead (on the right forks). In about 8 miles, you come to a handfull of buildings and trailers. It is a small unincorporated town. I could tell you the name, but I’d have to kill you – people around there like their privacy. Stop at the first set of buildings you come to and go into the restaurant/saloon on the corner of Mustang and Ranch. Don’t worry, it is pure coincidence -there is a “house of pleaure” in this little unincorporated village, but no relation to Mustang Ranch. Go inside – have drinks, food and talk story with Cathy, the proprietor. Tell her that the fine folks from Australia, Germany and Hawaii who came through on New Years Eve 12/31/06 say hi.

    The same road you came in on continues past the end of the town and about 4 miles out to a paved highway that leads east towards Vegas or West towards who knows what new adventures.

    Oh yeah, it might be a good idea to bring water.

  9. Secret Adventure Admirer


    Santa thinks it a nice choice made, and promises some wonderful naughtiness for you both come page 267 in the Amsterdam adventure! Milk and cookies? Nay! Brownies and Beer-tcha! Much love.

    Vivre KPK!

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