Love AND Luggage, Part 1

For Jenn:

My one carry on.

Love Ryan


12 responses to “Love AND Luggage, Part 1


  2. brilliant.

  3. Cardboard Math Teacher

    Great video, can’t wait to see that bag of luggage TALK!

  4. i died laughing.

  5. oh yes, i filmed it AND i’ve watched it 100 times and i still die laughing!!! we need to do a behind the scenes or blooper reel.

    i am just thankful ryan didn’t get arrested for humping an inanimate object in a public park.

  6. it’s even better when you’re drunk. God I love your guys stupid humor. no shame ryan, love it!

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  9. HI,
    I’ve met you before, Ryan…but you don’t remember me. Never met you, Jen, but Ryan will tell you how he does not remember me. I know Sonny Kapu and thats all I have to say about that… Anyway, I just wanted to say that Ms.Baraquio is SHU-SHU and you guys are cool. Peace.

  10. Hey Koa, It seems I left you speechless on your last blog. Gloria got me on the Baraquio’s and that was cool-cool, not SHU-SHU. Where do I know you from?

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