Dirty Laundry: A gibberish musical

Seattle, WA

Dirty Laundry: A gibberish musical

also coming…

the end.

of all the drama.

Blog appetizer:

WE LOVE OUR FRIENDS, yes, even during temporary complicated communication chaos, we do. We shall untangle this. In front of you all. Thank everyone for giving a shit about our lives. I think there will be many varying opinions on this luggage issue, and that’s ok, it’s a tricky sticky icky topic. I think this group of friends can handle it though. Don’t worry, there will be enough gossip permeating this blog, just coming from the nature of the topic itself–there’s no need for braveheart style bloodshed–although I know, I know, many of you JENN’S SISTER may want it. We’re going to talk it out like the non-violent pussies we are.


I don’t think you’re luggage.

Love Ryan

But if you were, I could probably fit my entire CD collection in your booty, and that’d be cool.


7 responses to “Dirty Laundry: A gibberish musical

  1. ok ok, so I have some tita in me. and maybe I was evil…just maybe. but i lash out if someone hurts my sister. Gloria would do the same for her sisters, so she should understand why I responded the way I did in my comment. gotta represent woowoo! I can’t just forget or “get over” what gloria said about jenn, it was plain old RUDE, no if ands or butts. but, knowing how close you and your friends are, I’m sure you’ll work it out. I don’t want bloodshed, but some naked mud wrestling between gloria and jenn would be nice.


  2. butts

  3. carpe jenkem!

  4. i’m not jenn’s sister but i still think what gloria said was shitty.

  5. pinao pao doce has my back! woowoo!

  6. Robotic Cheese Grater

    I’m not Jenn’s sister, nor do I even know her….I’m just a Robotic Cheese Grater and I think what Gloria said was messed up.

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