Coming up…


Coming up on the NEXT Choose Our Own Adventure…

Jenn and Ryan respond to “Is it Love or Luggage?”.

Does Ryan think his friends are LUGGAGE?

Is Ryan going to side with his friends or his girlfriend?

Are there sides? What is luggage? What about the Death Factor?

What do Filipinos and Catholicism have in common?

What’s the difference between Steve and Kealoha?

Between Ryan Matsumoto and Ryan Motts?

In fact, what’s the deal with all Jewish circumcising of Japanese names in this day and age?

What’s the difference between this day and age?

What’s identity?

Why was “Luggage” the most viewed blog Jenn and Ryan have EVER written?

What are memes?

What does the 4-D Venn Diagram look like?

What would Frank Gehry say?

Do articles and BLOGS about personal dramas contribute to the dumbing down of the WORLD?

Or the coloring of it?

Do we ever really graduate from high school?

Is Jenn Louis Vuitton’s Tribute Patchwork or Craiglist free Samsonite?

What’s eating Gilbert Grape? (Hint: Retardation)

Has Ryan been in radio too long and thinks we have to make teasers for upcoming blogs?

And… most importantly:

How much money did Jenn and Ryan make delivering flowers for V-Day?

It’s best friends versus girlfriend.

Ex-girlfriend versus non-ex-girlfriend.

Iolani versus Punahou.

Harvard versus MIT.

UH versus Cal State.

Mainland versus Hawaii.

Public versus Private.

Local versus haole.

Happy versus Un.

Possible versus Im.

Newspaper (yes, Hawaii Tribune-Herald is a real newsaper) verus BLOG.

Outcome versus strategy.

Left brain versus right.

Prefrontal cortex versus amygdala.

Crunchy peanut butter versus smooth.

Home versus far.

Blood versus water versus coffee versus ANGER.

Selling your eggs versus credit card debt.

Versus versus Versus

Verses, verses, verses.

ON THE NEXT… Choose Our Own Adventure.


2 responses to “Coming up…

  1. god, why didn’t i think of that–delivering flowers. how much DID you make?

  2. OMG….. teaser blog had me laughing harder than ever! might be one of my favorite blogs ever….thank you…I have no tv since I’m moving right now. reality blogging vs. reality tv. 🙂

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